Thank you for using the database! Every woman signed up here has a unique story and we hope the database will grow to reflect the diversity of experience and skills within the broad Christian community. You are invited to use the site to search for speakers that may fit your events or programmes. Our hope is through searching you will identify women who would be a good fit for your event, and be able to enter into conversation with them about taking part. Please be aware we are not be involved in introducing or promoting speakers, arranging contact or speaking opportunities, following up unanswered messages or slow contact, or doing anything an agent would do, and we can’t guarantee a speaker’s availability, though we do ask anyone contacted to respond in a timely way.

Some speakers here already have a public standing, and some are new to speaking, or speak occasionally. Each speaker will have a profile showing their areas of expertise and speaking experience. We’d encourage you to search widely as the database grows to go beyond inviting the same names. We know there is a wealth of knowledge yet to be shared!

Here are a few things it’s useful to think about when searching:

Speaker bio. Most fields on the profile are simple click-and-tick options. Speakers will add information in their own words in the bio section. All fields of the profile are searchable, and we ask speakers to complete their bios as fully as possible so it’s easy for organisers to find good potential matches.

Searching for speakers. Search results will show profiles that include the search terms listed. Results will show profile overviews and it will be necessary to click on each to see full details. For example, ‘mission’ may be ticked in the list of subjects or included in the written copy of the bio, and both options will show up in results.

Websites and external content We ask speakers to list or upload as much content as possible to help organisers learn about them, including websites, social media, and links to video or audio content. We are not responsible for the content of external links.

Levels of experience Women of different levels of experience will complete a speaker profile, and we’ve listed several options (eg. national radio, local church) to reflect this so it’s easy for organisers to see what speakers have done before. We’ve asked speakers to be clear about their experience – including naming specific events, media outlets, etc in their bios so they’ll show up in search results – and ask organisers are open minded in considering speakers with differing levels of experience for their events.

Areas of specialism or interest These will be displayed alphabetically on speaker profiles (meaning ‘Christian living’ will show up on many, and specialisms like ‘Youth work’ will be further down the list and not necessarily visible at first). The top five or six options will be visible with a click option to see the full list. We ask speakers to include as many as apply, and make sure their written bio reflects this and expands on it so organisers can get a full picture of what speakers can offer.

Contacting speakers. We will not be involved in any stage of the contact process. We ask that if you message a speaker via the site you provide as much info as possible to open the conversation. It is between the organiser and the speaker to agree all terms including payment, travel, childcare (if relevant), dietary requirements, technical requirements, any mobility or other needs, details of the event and any sessions the speaker might take part in, including how the content may be used afterwards.

Please make sure when contacting a speaker you are very clear whether you are making an initial enquiry / starting a conversation about possibilities or offering a definite speaking opportunity. To respect the speakers and the integrity of the database, please do not make an offer that is later withdrawn without good reason. We will follow up any reported instances of cancelled arrangements to protect all involved. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Any issues. Please contact us if you come across any technical issues while using the site, and please let us know immediately if you encounter anything unexpected.

Thanks for using the database!