Data Protection Policy

Project 3:28 

Project 3:28 hosts the data relating to individuals in order to profile their interest in public speaking in the form of a searchable database. Individuals are responsible for entering, updating, and deleting all personal data relating to themselves and ensuring the accuracy of all data. This policy outlines the obligations, roles and procedures to ensure the security of all data retained. If there is any confusion about this, please contact

Policy statement

Project 3:28 is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of all individuals and website users in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998. The policy applies to Project 3:28 team members and to all contributors of information for the website. Any breach of The Data Protection Act 1998 or the Project 3:28 Data Protection Policy is considered to be an offence and in that event, appropriate measures will be taken. It is expected that all Project 3:28 team members, contributors and participants will have read and accord [agree to comply] with this Data Protection Policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project 3:28 provides the hosting of the individual contributors’ information and will only use the information provided for the purposes for which it was originally submitted, and in this respect exercise diligence as Data Controllers.

Individual contributors are the Data Subjects, although the only information retained regarding them will be those they willingly submit. They hold responsibility for the accuracy of the information and also have control over its removal without involvement of the Data Controllers. Individual contributors will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Personal Information must be processed for limited purposes

The primary purpose of Project 3:28 is to promote opportunity for speakers through making their information publicly available. Data Subjects directly submit the information they choose to be made publicly available, so are able to control what is shared. Data Subjects’ personal login details will be kept securely by the Data Controllers, and all contact by third parties viewing their data on the website will be made through a form within the website which forwards to the Individual Contributors. Project 3:28 will not share Data Subjects’ personal data with other individuals, organisations or corporations.

Should any changes occur to the aims and objectives of Project 3:28 that alter how the information submitted might be used, accessed or promoted, all Data Subjects would be contacted to be given the option to opt out or amend their information. In the event of the cessation of Project 3:28 all data would be securely removed and permanently deleted.

Data Controllers will use Data Subjects information to contact them regarding:

  • The operation of the website
  • The information about the Data Subjects that has been submitted
  • Changes to function of the Project 3:28 website
  • Any matters relating to the objectives of Project 3:28 and the Data Subjects’ personal information.

Personal Information must be accurate and up to date

It is the responsibility of the Data Subject contributing their information to ensure the accuracy of all personal information they enter on the Project 3:28 database. The Data Subjects are also responsible for the ongoing accuracy of their information. Inaccurate information may be removed by the Data Controllers.

Personal Information must not be kept for longer than is necessary

The Data Subject is responsible for the length of time the whole or part of their personal data is available on the Project 3:28 website. The Data Subject is able to remove their data from the website should they so desire. Project 3:28 reserves the right to remove any individual contributor’s data or other uploaded content that does not accord with Project 3:28’s scope and intent, and this is exercised with full discretion of the Project 3:28 team.

Personal Information must be processed in line with the data subjects’ rights

Data Subjects submit personal information for the purposes of public dissemination via a website. Data Subjects have the option to remove their data at their discretion.

Personal Information must be secure

Project 3:28 is committed to ensuring that your information is securely kept. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, Project 3:28 has put in place suitable physical, electronic and process procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Date Created: 2nd August 2017
Version: 1